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MERLIN is a technology intensive prime brokerage services company that provides hedge funds with technology, trading, custody, and operational solutions that are historically only offered to high-income clients only, such as qualified investors (who are worth a net $1 million or have an annual income of $200,000 per year).

But Merlin's founders believe that everyone should have access to hedge funds, not just multimillionaire people.

In today's market, you need a partner with a reputation of commitment, long-term support, and deep and liquid financial strength. Merlin Securities understands the unique needs and delivers simple and high return investment plans investment plans to support your success.

It doesn't depend on your annual income or net worth, because we provide to everyone the option of invest in Hedge Funds.

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Merlin founders: Aaron Vermut and Stephan Vermut

Our History

2004: Founded
Aaron Vermut and Stephan Vermut founded the company in San Francisco (USA) to offer hedge funds to people who were not the standard for this type of investment in conventional financial institutions.
Merlin was formed with a vision of the future of prime brokerage and services to investment..

2006: Awards
Merlin Securities was honoured as a leading US prime broker in a survey of managers by Global Custodian magazine and in Institutional Investor's Alpha Awards.

2007: Sequoia Partnered
Sequoia Capital, invested $20M in Merlin Securities in an expansion round of financing. The investment by Sequoia Capital has validated our vision of Hedge Funds for everyone and has gave us the resources to continue to pursue it.
You can see our company at Sequoia here.

Sequoia is a leading Silicon Valley venture capital firm that make partners both with young companies finding their stride and established ones looking for step-function growth. They help organizations become enduring businesses and have backed the founders of some of the biggest names in the US technology industry including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Electronic Arts, Flextronics, Google, Oracle, PayPal, Yahoo! and YouTube.

2012: Wells Fargo Incorporated
With the acquisition, Merlin became part of the Wells Fargo group, but remains a standalone company.Both companies work closely to continue providing uninterrupted service and focus on clients.Stephan Vermut and Aaron Vermut continue to lead Merlin.

2020: Global Expansion
So far we have been very successful in offering Hedge funds to US and Canadian citizens. But that's not enough according to Merlin's view. So we are in 2020 launching operations for people around the world. We have created a subsidiary that will be responsible for this niche market under the command of our chief market strategist Frank Morin. And made a total equity reserve of $215M to start our operations and ensure the success of this new journey for our company.
You can check our subsidiary here: 12396503
View or Download our Certificate of Incorporation here


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